Obesity can be caused by accumulated toxins from instant foods, preservatives and other food additives, overindulgence, lack of exercise, metabolic disorders due to chronic disease, body-fluid stagnation due to hypothemia.


These accumulated toxic substance such as body fat, phlegm, coldness and dampness, carbon dioxide, and other chemical toxins are the causes of abdominal obesity, upper body obesity, edima, flatulence, and lower body obesity, respectively.


Furthermore, obesity may lead to adult diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, and diabetes that it becomes an enemy of people's health.





The leading cause of obesity, metabolic disorder, can be treated by Detox Clinic's invented device called Lax-Q.

Lax Q's effects of resonance frequency, far-infrared radiations, and promotion of blood circulation can get rid of causes of obesity.  

Far-infrared radiation emitting from a mixture of five powders comprising hematite, mastodon bones, elvan, mica, and loadstone expand the pores of the cells 2-3 times bigger and inject 40 different natural herbs extract to eliminate toxic wastes such as body fats.

This advanced technique strengthen the internal organs, bones and muscles and eliminate toxic phlegm, coldness and dampness, carbon dioxides, and other chemical wastes in the body.

Also, loosening and massaging with the detox wand on specific areas can help eliminate fats.

Combining Lax-Q's herbal perspiration therapies with diet therapy, excercise therapy, stomach cleaning therapy and Asian medicine therapy will create a synergy effect on removing toxins and make you healthy.





Anti-obesity medication "Hol-chook-hwan"


From years of clinical experiences, "Hol-chook-hwan" is an anti-obesity medication made by Park's Health Care Group, Ltd.


This anti-obesity pills treat Qi deficiency, damp phlegm, extravasated blood, and indigestion, which are the causes of obesity.


Treatments of sustaining Qi and strengthening the spleen and practices of eliminating phlegm and dampness will suppress cholesterol, triglycerides, fatty acids, increase oxygen consumption of body tissues due to increase in thyroid hormones, and burn fats by increased metabolism.


Hol-chook-hwan is very effective for hyperlipemia. Therefore, it helps to prevent from getting adult diseases.


Also, it controls the functions of internal organs that it excretes pathological wastes and decrease abnormal appetite symptoms, and decreases feelings of hunger which helps to lose weight.