Chronic fatigue syndrome, known as CFS, refers to severe, continued tiredness that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other medical conditions. Sitting down for long periods in front of a computer and lacking exercise, many office workers tend to show symptoms similar to CFS.


However, chronic fatigue syndrome for office workers receive different treatment methods and drugs from that of patients with normal chronic fatigue syndrome. Office workers with chronic fatigue syndrome needs regular exercises, getting proper amount of nutrients, and removal of the tiredness factors by detox-clinic treatments.





Loosening and massaging with the detox wand on electromagnetic waves agglomerations and toxin agglomerations.

Increasing aeremia circulation with our invention Lax-Q

Purify your blood and body fluids as well as revitalize your whole body by taking the herbal teas made from more than 40 different natural herbs.

Provide detox preventive health services and detox massages.





'Hae-chun-tang' is the best herbal tea for office workers. Taking this herbal tea made from more than 40 different natural herbs will purify your blood and body fluids as well as revitalize your whole body, which will help you to work more effectively. Our detox clinic also restores functions of liver, heart, and kidney and helps to recover from fatigue. It also replenishes body fluids and reduces consumptive fever, which clears the head and improves memory and concentrations. Improvement of skin texture and weight loss are conditions due to elimination of toxins and body wastes, thus there is no need to worry about these effects.





People with following symptoms are recommended to get cell detox treatments.


Poor memory

Lack of concentration and focus of mind

Decreased energy level

Highly sensitive and easily stressed

Heavy feeling in the head

Decreased appetite





Soy milk, vinegar, mushroom, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish (fish is more digestible and easily absorbed than meat.