We need to save our bodies from various toxins.

Detoxify and revitalize our bodies by our patented invention Lax-Q.





In Asian Medicine, 9 out of 10 diseases come from phlegm. The presence of phlegm can be a sign of several health threatening conditions. When various toxins are not broken down and piled up in the body, these toxins become a certain structure called phelgm. This is how phelgm is described in Asian Medicine.


Toxic phlegm debilitates hearts and be the cause of stress, skin diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, various pains, internal diseases, lethargy, and ageing.


Painkillers, tranquilizers, digestive drugs, fever reducers, skin ointments are effective for a short term period. However, they are only allopathic treatments that they do not cure the cause of the diseases.


Taking these chemical drugs for a long period of time can lead to formation of phlegm and weaken the immune system, which can develop complications. Therefore, causes of the diseases should be treated instead of allopathically.


Our body has highly specialized defender cells called T-cells and B-cells.


When your body is infected with a particular germ, the T-cells and B-cells recognize and respond to protect our body. If lymphatic circulation is not smooth due to toxins in our body, B-cells and T-cells stagnate at a place and cannot attack the pathogens nor recognize any signs of tumor. When this happens, we can get infections and have less resistance to any diseases.


When we say 'we have a low immune system', it means T-cells and B-cells are not properly working. Therefore, it is important that our lymphatic system has smooth circulation and T-cells and B-cells actively circulate within our body.


The best way to make our lymphatic system at its best ability is by perspiration. When we sweat, it helps the lympatic T-cells and B-cells to circulate the body. However, sweating does not excrete heavy metals toxins, atmospheric toxins, and virus poisons completely.


Our invention, Lax-Q, excretes toxins in our body, replace damaged cells to new cells, and purify blood and body fluids.





Far-infrared radiation emitting from a mixture of five powders comprising hematite, mastodon bones, elvan, mica, and loadstone expand the pores of the cells 2-3 times bigger, and eliminate toxic wastes as well as increase the metabolism

Special injections of herbal extracts vitalizes the cells.

Lax-Q vibrates at hundreds of times per minute. This reaction of resonant frequencies cause immediate openings of pores, help the heavy toxins to be excreted through urnie and stool and help the light toxins to be excreted through sweat pores.

Taking the herbal teas made from more than 40 different natural herbs will purify your blood and body fluids as well as revitalize your whole body.