The chairman, a board-certified environmental medical specialist and pediatric allergist,


Dr. Doris Repp mentioned,


"It is estimated that 74 million Americans have some form of a chemical sensitivity. For some this might be something as simple as an occasional, temporary headache from the odor of a perfume or fresh paint., but almost 10 million are so severely affected by chemicals that they must totally change their lifestyle and no longer can live in a normal manner." in her book, "Our Toxic World






The medical scientists would commonly agree that the causes of most illness are the toxins found in the pollutants we breathe and the chemicals in various drugs and food we consume.




If you are a person who suffers from constant lethargy, tiredness or an unknown disease, you may be able to revitalize your energy and health by using Lax-Q to eliminate excess toxins, wastes and chills.







Measure the toxic level in your body.


Detoxify your internal organs and rejuvenate the body by taking the dotox herbal extracts.


"Lax-Q" is our unique invention that opens the pores of the cells in order to vitalize them with special injections of herbal extracts, which then helps spur the natural and gradual elimination of the built-up toxins and parasites that resides in a human body.









Neck / Shoulder / Lower back / Joint Pains

- Alleviates pain by eliminating blood clots, metals, and phlegm in muscles

Liver / Phlegm / Heart / Kidney / Bladder


- Recovers the functional state of the organs through blood purification and individual organ detoxification

Headache / Epilepsy / Depression and other mental diseases

- Revitalizes mental state by eliminating collected phlegm in the central nervous system and easing congestion in the ren-meridian system

Allergy / Asthma / Respiratory Diseases

- Alleviates respiratory allergy symptoms by relieving coughs through detoxification of the respiratory tract and alveoli

Stoke / Facial Paralysis / Numbing

- Helps recover by improving blood circulation *(type error on symptoms chart- "stoke" should be "stroke")

Unknown Disease

- Eliminates toxins and heavy metals in the body to maintain overall good health and immune system

Automobile Accidents / Bruises

- Removes blood clots to prevent potential side-effects

Weight Loss

- Assists in regaining balanced health and weight of the body by eliminating internal fat and phlegm





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